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ouch !!
Tuesday, June 7, 2011 ★ 1:11 AM │ (1) angels
1st of all , aq nak ckp sowy sgt2 kt kowg yg follow blog aq tp aq msih terhenti disini krana keaiban blog aq dan jadual aq yg padat dgn exam !!
pape ponn , skali lg aq minx maaf .. aq mmg hrap sgt2 kowg maafkn laa dose aq neyh ..
aq akn cube sebaik mungkin mlm neyh aq setelkn sume yea .. 
but law ada yg tertinggal uwh , aq sorry skali lg ..
haa !! lg 1 , aq cdang nak buad novel .. rangka nyer daa ada ..
cume ... aq tgh crik nma hero n heroin nyer ...
kowg pLiz yea ..
yg mna yg daa brpengaLaman .. tLong aq tw ... 

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